Well, I have been with the rodeo for quite a few years. I started out as a "calf chute worker". After a couple of years I was
promoted to "calf chute boss". I never thought of becoming a bull rider until the summer of 2008. A buddy and I were driving
home from the Cologne rodeo and it just hit me! I had to try it out! I told my friend" I`ll ride a bull at the next rodeo" I
remember he looked at me like I was crazy and he said something to that extend. I made a few phone calls during the next
week and guess what: I did ride that bull at the next rodeo...

Update: I "officially retired" from bull riding in 2015 but still stay close to the sport! I still love bull riding and probably always
will. I am also making plans to return to the rodeo circuit in a couple of years. I am too old for bull riding - of course - but let`s
see what else God has in store for me! In
the meantime I am very busy trying to make a difference in the lives of young people by coaching a football team (the
German version of high school football)...
And there are quite a few Cowboy Churches in the USA,
especially in the typical cowboy states. Those churches minister
especially to the cowboy culture. It is also common to have a
service at rodeos and pray before the events. As a modern day
cowboy I have not much in common with the so called “wild
west”. You can read more in the section “Cowboy Lifestyle”.
Even though I retired from Bull Riding I am still a cowboy
because “once a cowboy – always a cowboy”. But after ending my
bull riding career I was drawn more and more towards my other
love in sports – football! Besides riding in Rodeos it has been a
longtime dream to be a high school football coach. This dream
came true (at least a little bit) by becoming a youth football coach
here in Germany (youth football is the equivalent to high school
football over here). I have been coaching for a few years now
and even in German football-coaching I am using my christian
values and my cowboy mentality! You can find my experiences as
a football coach in the section “football”. Coaching real football
is not possible for very long over here for various reasons. So I
am planning to return to the rodeo circuit in the future. Not as a
rider but let`s see what God allows me to do…I am also a huge
NASCAR and (Ice) Hockey fan. Music is also big in my life and I
During my childhood I tried out quite a few different types of sports, from track & field over taekwondo to tennis. While in
secondary school I competed in football (not soccer) and  baseball. Later I started to play (ice) hockey to kill the rodeo free
time. But I don`t just play sports - I love to watch it on TV too! I am a huge football fan and my friends and I watch ever single
game during the season. College Football is huge in the U.S. and even more popular than the NFL. The College Foot- ball
hype is unreal and hard to describe. Of course we watch the games in typical American fashion: With lots of American food,
drinks and excitement. I am also an avid
NASCAR fan and host parties to watch the big races. My friends and I also watch NHL
and college hockey. Please click on the words marked in red for more information.   
Speaking of fried stuff: : The best  country fried steak I ever had was in Guymon, Oklahoma. If you are ever there make sure to
go to "Cactus Jack`s Roadhouse" and get you one lol
John Steed, Chris LeDoux, George Strait, Kenny Chesney and Aaron Watson find their way onto my PC... The best concert I ever
saw was without a doubt Kenny Chesney in Cheyenne 2009. The show was great and everybody in attendance sang along every
to  single song! It was just amazing! You`ll  find more information about country music in the section "
Cowboy Life".
Football - Team
Kenny Chesney - Cheyenne 2009
Brad Paisley - Houston 2011
George Strait - Cheyenne 2009
Country Fried Steak
Louisiana Fried Chicken
Well, since you klicked the „about me“ button let me tell you a little bit about me… I learned early in life to know and love the
USA because my family on my mothers side lives in New Jersey. Soon I developed a love for the southern states and I spend
a lot of time in Mississippi until I discovered the cowboy lifestyle. Naturally I was drawn to typical cowboy states more and
more and today I call Oklahoma my “home of choice”.

I am best defined by those three words in the intro: Christian Cowboy and Coach. First I am a bible-believing Christian. You
can read why this is so important to me in the section “Jesus”. I am also defined by todays Cowboy Lifestyle. And btw: The
Cowboy lifestyle does go hand in hand with the Christian Lifestyle and there are many Christian Cowboys in the United States.
Favorite Music:    
Favorite Sports:   
Favorite Food:      
Favorite Movies:  
Favorite TV show:
First Bullride:    
Travels with:   
Wassenberg, NRW
Football, Hockey, NASCAR, Rodeo
Southern, Chinese, Steak
Military, Football, Cowboy movies
Friday Night Lights, Jericho
Kaunitz 2008
P. VomHofe, T. Bienert
2008 Rodeo Ragow Reserve Champ
2008 ERCA / GRCA Finals
2009 NRW Rodeo Assn State Champ
2009 ERCA / DRSV Finals
Travel buddies
I mentioned before that I love sports. I host get togethers to watch college football nearly every saturday during football season.
We watch all the games of our  favorite team  and other big games while munching on  buffalo wIngs,  pizza  or  whatever. Even
though we are in Germany we celebrate college football just like our counterparts in the USA do.  I also enjoy NASCAR on sunday
nights (we have TV parties for the big races). And btw: NASCAR on Fox is the best!!! Nobody does it like D.W., Larry Mac and
them! Boogitty, boogitty, boogitty lol What else do I like to watch?I I love to watch rodeo or bull riding on TV and  I even watch
cattle auctions on RFD- TV sometimes ;-) As far as TV-shows go: I love Friday Night Lights - High School Football at it`s best! I
also love to just kick back and watch a movie  every now and then. My favorite genres are modern day cowboy movies, sports,
action and military flicks.
Music is also a big part of my life! As a cowboy my favorite music is - of course - country music. I listen mostly to positive
mainstream country and Christian country. I have been listening to Texas and Red Dirt country lately too though!  I do not have
a favorite singer because there are a lot of great ones out there but usually songs by Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Craig Morgan,
I love me some good food every now and then...but who does not ?!?. Being a cowboy I love my steak - that is for sure! But I
also love many other types of food: Southern food in general is pretty good, but I also love chinese stuff like fried meat balls
and their type of noodles...I guess you can say I like fried stuff...
Many people in Germany think that typical American food is Hamburger and Hot Dogs. Well that might be true BUT: There is a
lot more to the USA than just those two dishes...Typical American food is steak (prime USDA beef in all sorts of flavors), turkey,
country ham, fried chicken and of course Louisiana stuff...People who only know Hamburger and Hot Dogs are missing out on
much better American Stuff!!! Don`t believe me? You should come to one of my parties! My friends and I know how to cook
some good American stuff lol...
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love many forms of Country music (like positiv mainistream country, christian country and Texas / Red dirt country). And of
course I love good food, especially American or Chinese.