NASCAR is the biggest racing series in the USA. The races are usually held on
oval tracks that come in a variety of shapes. Some have steep banking with
over 30 degrees in the turns, some are flat. Some have 3 turns, some 4. Not
seldom do cars go bumper to bumper, 3 or even 4 wide!

I have been the proud owner of renewable tickets for the fall race at Talladega
since 2002. Visiting a NASCAR race is much more than just a race – it is an
experience. I wrote a little report about my Talladega experience for a NASCAR
fan site but I guess it fits here as well…so here you go:

Talladega is awesome and I can recommend it to anybody! But in order to get
the entire Talladega experience I strongly suggest to camp at one of the many
campgrounds of the racetrack. There are many “open” grounds near the track –
however I only recommend official Talladega camping. They are close to the
actual track and belong to the speedway grounds. It takes me 7 minutes on foot
from my camp spot to my seats. There are also shuttles…You are allowed to
bring 2 vehicles and as many friends as you like - as long as they fit into the
vehicles ;-) Most people have RVs but tents are fine too. Toilets and showers
are available, electricity is not. But guess what: 4 days without power is allright.
Besides: If you desperately need it just go to one of your neighbors with an RV.
They all have generators…speaking of which: The only thing I dislike about
camping at Talladega is that some people leave the generators running all
night. They are not supposed to- but nobody enforces the rules…Other than
that camping is great. Like I said I have been to Talladega many times since
2002 ( I usually go there with my friend Joe from Mississippi)  and I always have
the same camp spot (part of my renewable tickets). Each year we have the same
neighbors and have developed friendships with them and even stay in touch
during the year (thank you facebook). I still remember the first time we met
them: We pulled into our camp spot and this is how our camping neighbor Rick
greeted us:”Hey ya`ll, my name is Rick…this is my pick up truck right there and
whatever is on the truck bed is yours too…serve yourself”. They fed us with
shrimp, ground cooked turkey and whatever. We brought plenty of food and
drinks but never needed it. Our neighbors took care of us pretty good.
Southern hospitality at it`s best! Talladega is just one huge party! It seems like
everybody in the South can play an instrument so people sit around the
countless campfires and play, sing or dance. You`ll hear guitars, fiddles or
whatever play all night long…Others cruise up and down Speedway Boulevard
in their trucks. There are also official concerts near the campgrounds and the
infield, mainly by well known Country singers or bands. Saturdays it`s time for
college football. There are big screens all over Talladega to follow the
games…There is a truck series race on Saturday afternoon but it has trouble to
compete with football, especially when Alabama plays ;-) So like I said in the
beginning, I can only recommend camping at the track! I f you don`t you miss
half of what Talladega is all about!

My tickets are pretty good as well. My seats are in Moss Thornton Tower. They
are high enough to see the entire track but low enough to get a great view. And
since they are seats 1 and 2 I have nothing but a clear view down the front-
stretch. I have been blessed to witness many great moments in Talladega. I saw
Dale Junior win there ( I am not a Junior fan but everybody else at Talladega is –
so that was special), I saw the last caution free race there back in 2002, I saw
Sadler flip over two years in a row and I saw a chain reaction crash that took the
3 leaders out of contention on the very last lap of the race!!! Great memories!

Also noteworthy are the thousands of merchandise stands - either official or
private. They are not only directly at the speedway but start miles before you
get there... It never gets boring at Talladega!!!
Here is a video of my friends and me watching the Daytona 500 in Germany
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