Football from a christian and educational
standpoint - is toughness wrong?
Because Football incorporates many different skills,
teamwork, as well as physical and mental toughness and
discipline, pracices have to be organized and run
accordingly.Football practice therefore means high
energy! And that does not work with whispering. Athletes
all over the world use loud, rocking music for motivation -
not slow and low music... And orders in football have to
be communicated loud and clear. Players also need to
know that wrongdoings have consequences - otherwise
the sport does not work, especially with boys in
puberty...If you ever watch a high school football practice
you will realize that is about the same everywhere and
comes close to a military boot camp! The best high
school teams are lead in a dictatorial manner and the
reasons are obvious.I personally do not like to yell a lot
bit my kids notice right away when they lack discipline. As
a christian I wondered if this is God`s will, after all the
bible talks about loving your neighbor a lot. Well, it is
made clear what the bible means by that. Force and
deadly force is allowed in certain situations, even the
death penalty (you know - sometimes people misinterpret
the verse about turning the other cheek...).I don`t see a
contradiction to the bible if football coaches, drill
instructors etc yell and are tough In fact Jesus, who lived
on earth without sin,
knocked over tables in anger! The
bible makes clear that toughness is part of life! In fact I
believe that todays youth needs more discipline and
toughness than ever before! With the right educational
toughness there wouldn`t be as much crime, school
shootings etc...It is a society problem these days.
Christian values are thrown out the window so it ain`t no
wonder what is going on in todays society...
After comparing football in Germany and the USA in detail and after introducing my experience as a coach I would now look at some
more subjects not covered earlier...
Book suggestions
During my time as a coach I bought a few books about
high school football. I am not talking about novels but
books about real life stories. And the more I read those
books the more I was confirmed in my approach! The
books decribed exactly what I was doing and always told
my boys. Therefore I can highly recommend the two
following books:
So if you want to know more about high school football
(toughness, discipline, love willpower etc) but also what high
school football means in American towns, here are two
books for you:

Beyond Just Win: The Story Of G.A. Moore

Big And Bright - Deep In The Heart Of Texas
      High School Football
High School Video Documentaries
There are countless movies about high school football and also TV shows touching on the subject. However here I would like to recommend
a couple of real life high school football documentaries. You can watch the first two online, the third one is real good as well, I haven`t found
it online yet though.

The Last Game - CB West Football 1988 ESPN Documentary

Station Camp High School Summer Camp

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