I love football –  as a College Football fan  (Oklahoma Sooners),  as a former player and  now as a coach.  There is  nothing like it:
Football is a one of a kind, complex and challenging sport. It is very demanding on players and coaches -  but football gives a lot
too! With military-like discipline, Team love and team spirit high school and college kids are molded into better humans that have a
lot of willpower and discipline. They are prepared for there future lives and also become better students because of football!
Therefore football is viewed far more as just a sport! Football is very tactical,  some call it “Chess on Grass”  (with a sports
character).  Others compare it to military and war  because the goal of the  offensive team  is to gain space (or occupy space) by
moving the football via running or passing plays (on the ground or via the air) while a defensive team tries to stop the other
teams offense… Coaches call the plays that the players need to perform.  And even though  football is a tough sport  -  physically
and mentally:  It does not have much in common with brutal chaos as some folks think. In fact exactly the opposite is true:  Players
have to execute the coaches imstructions  with a lot of  discipline and  tactical understanding...   I do not want to go into  details
about the rules because there are are many places on the internet dedicated to those…  instead this page wants to provide
general information about football in the USA and Germany as well as personal experiences as a coach in Germany. In order to
understand my mindset it is important to understand the American sports system...so let`s get to it...
Cowboys and Football
Many cowboys in the  USA  love football.  In fact quite a few of  todays  rodeo  stars  played  football in high school. But even cur-
rent College Football and NFL players have cowboy roots.  Some  NFL players are  even known for proudly wearing their cowboy
hats in public, f.e. Peyton Manning, JJ Watt, Von Miller, Jared Allen and Vince Wilfork. And there are a bunch of coaches – espec-
cially high school coaches in states like Texas – who honor their cowboy ways by wearing cowboy hats on the sideline. And even
I stay cowboy as a football coach and use my cowboy mentaility and values (and also my christian values) while coaching football
in Germany!
High School Football
High School Football
College Football
The next level is College Football: A lot of Europeans don`t really know what football is - much less college football! And when
they  find out  that  the largest football stadiums are College Stadiums and not NFL stadiums they find that hard to believe. I
guess you have to experience the excitement and passion first hand to fully understand how big college football truly is!  Fans
decorate their homes and vehicles, everybody talks about it and each and every saturday during the season there are count-
less private and public  TV-parties  where fans meet to watch the games of their favorite teams! The hype is unbelievable and
can be compared to how Europeans treat the World Cup of Soccer! People go crazy for their national teams  when the World
Cup comes around every four years: They go to "public viewings" (seriously - that`s how they call it here when hundreds of
fans get together to watch the games of their national team on a big screen in a park or town square), have private  TV-parties  
and decorate their cars with the national colors... So the American hype for college football is definately comparable to the
European hype for the Soccer World Cup! However: Europeans get to do it for a couple of weeks every four  years while Am-
ericans get to do it every single year for 4 1/2 months! There are 7 College Stadiums with seating capacities well over  100.000
seats!  No NFL stadium has 100.000 seats or more!!!). College Football is at least as popular as the NFL is, in many areas  
College Football is even more popular!!! Teams oftentimes represent their state and therefore generate "local patriotism"
College Football
College Football
The highest level in terms of football skills is the  NFL  (National Football League). One very huge difference to the typical
German system is that teams can`t relegate down or go up,  the American System is that players instead of entire teams move
up or down.  This system is much,  much better than the  German  system and brings a lot of advantages while there are huge
stadiums unused because the team went down to a minor league... Or a major league team plays in a  15.000  seat stadium
because they come from a  small town with a small stadium...And think about the professionalism of a club that relegates all the
way down from major league to 4th league level and vice versa...Anyways, in terms of popularity the NFL and College Football
are toe to toe, it depends on what study you believe.  Even though the most watched sporting event in the USA is the NFLs
final, the Super- bowl...Other professional leagues are "Arena Football League" and "Canadian Football League" and a few
semi pro leagues...
The Three Levels
In order to truly understand the sport of football one has to understand the American sports system and mindset as it differs
extremely from the German sports system. The American system is well thought-out and and is much more logical than the one in
place in Ger- many. But let`s first take a look at the three main levels of Football in the USA:

High School Football
Professionally organized Football (paid professional coaches) usually begins in High School or Middle School / Junior High.  It is
there where Americans learn the basics of the sport and gain football understanding. But not only that: High School Football is far
more than a sport because Americans know: Football prepares the players for their future life and they become better people
because of football! (Military like)Discipline, love, teamspirit and willpower are tought in football. Discipline is not viewed as the
foundation of football without a reason! Football teaches to not give up and challenges players physically and mentally!
To be able to do this the Head Coach usually is given the authority to lead his team as he sees fit by resp. rules and the
administration. A common saying is: Football is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship so that the head coach can build his program
according to his views and philosophies.

Because of the huge, elementary difference between the German sports mentality I have to explain a little deeper:  There are no
clubs like in Germany, instead school teams play in leagues against other schools on the state level. For players football becomes
a priority and dominates their lives, usually they practice every day during the season (depending on regions even several times
a day: Before school, during schools athletic period and after school), even saturdays and sundays are not off limits! Nobody is
forced to be part of the football team but (almost) every boy wishes he was because of the many great advantages and
experiences that come with it.

High  School  Football is a social event that brings the entire community together because the teams do not only  represent the   
school but also the  town!  High school  football  games are locally broadcast on radio and tv and fans pack the high school
stadiums on Friday nights while many stores are closed because of the games.  Football players are almost  local  stars but not
only the players enjoy  High  School  Football: Many students are involved as team managers (coaches assistants who take care
of the equipment), cheer leader,  rally girls (girls assigned to players for support)  or as part of the  marching  band (kinda like the
schools own  "Trommler- chorps" - but cooler). The entire school comes together for the games and that creates a great deal of
Football in the USA
Coaching Football in Germany
Back to the topic though: It is not easy to explain what High school football means to people on the local level - especially
small towns because nothing even remotely comparable exists in Germany. It is hard to understand how school sports of kids
between 13 and 18 can influence an entire town!!! And it is High  school  football that teaches the fundamentals of the sport: It  
requires commitment and a high  degree of discipline and love! Those are the foundation and define Football! Those values
are taught first and will usually accompany a football player for the rest of his career. Football demands a lot and becomes a
priority for the students who make the team - because football does not work as a hobby. Therefore high school teams
oftentimes practice about 20 hours a week (twice a day during "two-a-days– before school and after school – plus Saturdays
and Sundays…) After 4 years of high school most students will never play football again – as most do not get scholarship
offers from Colleges or Universities. This causes high school football to be very special and kids are shaped for the rest of
their lives. Because the football days are numbered for most it makes the  high school team very special and brings additional
motivation and team spirit.

High school football players experience all the advantages it brings with it like described above. And they feed on that for the
rest of their lives! I do not know any other activity that produces so much pride and team love as high school football does! It
makes me very sad that German youths are robbed of this great experience!!!

And like I said before, in the USA there are no “Vereine” after high school…and it would not make sense because the typical
system of those Clubs (Vereine) does not allow the foundation of football…
My friends and I meet every Saturday during the College Football season to follow our teams LIVE on TV. And of course we do
so with plenty of “finger food” and drinks – just like our counter- counterparts in the US. Here are a few pics from our football
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"school spirit" and makes the school time a special time in the lives of young Americans! Many even enjoy school! Nothing like
this exists in Germany and German kids are robbed of this great experience. In Germany there is no organized league sports in
schools. Sports-Leagues are organized outside of schools by independent clubs (Vereine).  Athletes in the USA are supported
early via school teams as most coaches are teachers at the schools. A  high  school football team is lead by the  Head  Coach.  
He is not just a  coach  –  he is the face of the football team and usually has the complete authority to buiild his program with
his philosophies and mindsets. For his players he is an educator, teacher, a bit of a friend and oftentimes a father figure. The
head coach is supported by several  assistant coaches  and  volunteer helpers.  In Football the Head coach often times is t a
professional sports coach and administrater while most assistant coaches are also teachers. This guarantees professional
training. Even in little towns there is professionally organized high school sports. It is normal that superstars come from small
towns and go to school there because they get the support they need to make it big later on… In Germany my experience
shows a different story because there are no organized sports leagues in school (regardless of the sport).  Instead everything
is done by "Vereine". Those are clubs that have nothing to do with school and usually have adult- and youth teams. So not only
the great experience of school spirit and all positive results from this are completely missing in the German club system, also a
professional sports education and training is mostly missing. I do not want to offend anybody and I do not know every club and
every mentality in Germany - I am simply stating my now year long experience in sports. I do not want to come across as
arrogant, if you know me you know that I am usually humble and don`t like confrontations. In order to understand Football I
have to compare Germany with the USA. Not everything is better in the USA (a lot of things are though) but the sports system in
the U.S. beats the German system by a country mile and is much better and rewarding for the kids themselves!
But back to the situation in German sports clubs: Practices take place in the spare time in the evening after school or work -
usually once or twice a week. The sports fields are usually city owned and clubs have to share the field not only with other
teams within the club but with other clubs as well. Three or more practices a week are highly unusual. And generally those
clubs are very unprofessional (in the true sense of the word) as kids do not get professional support.  Usually the teenagers
are trained by fathers or – if they are lucky -  by a player of the adult team (and that does not mean he knows what he is doing).
But that coach has to find time besides his day job and adult team practice…so everybody can guess the result…plus that
Vereins-system is set up to have many leaders on the teams (elected by the  membership)  so there are many people in
supervisor  positions…  (if you are  German  you know what I am talking about – if you are not: Sorry, but I do not have time to
go into details about “Vereine”….) Fact is: Players pay a member- membership fee and the system discourages commitment! It
is kind of recreational and people usually show up when they want to… the mentality is to kinda “play a little sports on the
side" - and that is what clubs are used for here in most cases... Unfortunately the typical German sports mentality of the
masses  is exactly the opposite of what football is - and the foundation of football is missing completely. Football is far more
than just a sport that you play as a hobby on the side! Football requires commitment and a lot more!

However here parents want their kids to just play a little sports on the side without any commitment. And the public schools
here boost exactly that mentality instead of supporting local sports!Schools here don`t take sports clubs seriously at all and
therefore supports the mindset of the masses over here. And as long as sports clubs are viewed as unimportant behind
school it isupports the typical german sports mindset. School always comes first in Germany (as I said before those clubs here
are not part of schools and kids play sports in their spare time as a hobby without commitment). Those clubs always play
second fiddle to school. Whenever there is a school function even not related to actual learning (school trip, school party,
detention, school open house, teachers birthday or whatever) the kids are forced by the school miss practise because school
is always more important - even if this is during club time at night or on the weekends! The team suffer but the schools don`t
care! Now I am not saying that clubs should be more important than school but people here don`t understand what real football
does!!! Here people don`t have any comprehension of what can be achieved thru football if football does not come behind
school as a hobby but if it is part of school. like in the USA: Football makes better people out of boys much better than school
will ever do!!! And football makes better school-students out of football players  But for a German who never experienced high
school football it is hard to comprehend the level of discipline, willpower, team love and also team spirt that is developed
because of football! If you would take clubs serious and if the school s here would respect the clubs then many would be
surprised what would be possible to change lives for the better!!! I will explain later in the section "Coaching in Germany".  But
the sports mentality here is just one of the many reasons while football in Germany is a perversion.

Another main problem is the typical German club structure because it makes real football impossible! I will explain later on
under "Coaching Football in Germany" what I mean by that because real football is not wanted by the leagues / authorities over
here: Real football is not desired because the German legal form "club" does not allow the foundation of football in general!
And German social laws are also against football in Germany and in general coaches do not have the authority they need to
instil the basic fundamentals of football! The principle of German youth sports is self-fulfilment, sense of self, youth
participation by voting rights and self-government of the youth! Rule No 1 is: Nobody is forced to participate in any excericse
or practise! Every player has the right to deny the coaches requests to any exercise they don`t want to take part in! Rule
number 2 is: Self-fulfilment and personal feelings are not allowed to be impaired! Rule number 3: Right of decisionmaking thru
elections! However those principles are the direct opposite of any  team sports  but  especially  football!  The  Foundation  of  
Football is high discipline created by structures based on authority!  But the German social law even states in § 11 regarding
youth sports, youth games and youth social work:”youth shall partake in decision-making and organization,…youth shall govern
itself…”. Even the highest German youth sports authority states regarding youth sports: “Youth work should be distinguished
by participation of young people in decision making…” And this mindset is found on all levels – from federal sports authorities
to state levels and local clubs!!! And this makes real football in Germany as good as impossible! ! Why do they want to rob the
German youth of the great football experience? Real Football in Germany is generally not possible and not desired because
the foundation of football is Discipline (in direct contrast to participation in decision making wanted in Germany) and team
spirit – meaning putting the team before your own needs (in direct contrast to self-determination and sense of self wanted in
Germany). I will explain this in detail later. I can not understand why German youths are deprived of not only the sport of
football but also the social moral aspects, that constitute football!
Coaches BBQ
Coaches BBQ
Bowl Turnier
Championship Party
I founded the team in January of 2015 so we were not able to play in a organized league that year. However we playd a couple
of test games / friendly games and also took part in a tournament against teams that did play in the league...
First year in league play
Coaches BBQ
Coaches BBQ
League gameday
League gameday
League gameday
League gameday
Awards Banquet
Second year in the league
Winter Bowl
Winter Bowl
League gameday
League gameday
Coaches BBQ
Coaches BBQ
Seniors 2017
League gameday
League gameday
League gameday
League gameday
Championship Party
Championship Party
League gameday
Awards Banquet
Championship Party
Christmas Party / Award Ceremony
Awards Banquet
Award Banquet
Oftentimes I am asked about football in Germany:  I am asked by  Americans if their  sport even exists in  Germany and in
what form.  Or I am asked by  German coaches  or  parents about my  coaching approach  and philosophy.  Therefore I would
like to share my experiences as a youth football head coach (the German equivalent to a high school football coach)   - even
if it takes a little explaining
and comparing...

This part is still under construction. In the future I will describe German football and the German sports system
and compare
it with the American approach.
I will also write about my experiences as a coach and explain how I was able to install the
American High School Football System despite the conditions I described above. It certainly was not easy and it cost a lot of
energy as I had to fight against the common structures and mindsets. But my concept worked: After the initial culture shock
the kids completely bought into the philosohpy and they turned into disciplined, high  will powered committed young adults!
They were so proud of their commitment and mental toughness and hart work that I required. I have never seen a team with
so much love towards each other. They disciplined themselves and even though we were always outsized and outnumbered
by far by the other teams and yet we were always successful! Not only when it comes to actual games but also in that
important social moral sense! Here are a few pics: